"ramum tenerum infra praecidito" - “cut the tender branch below."

In Friedrich Nietzsche's seminal work, "On Truth and Lie in an Extra-Moral Sense," he astutely observes the nature of language and concepts, suggesting that words, in their attempt to encompass diverse experiences, inevitably become a multitude of unequal cases. This profound insight lays the groundwork for an exploration of the multifaceted concept of "tenderness."

"Tenderness" embodies complexity, embracing fragility, affection, sweetness, and compassion, yet its definition remains subjective, encompassing delicate sensitivity and darker undertones of jealousy and power dynamics. Like a hidden treasure buried beneath layers of rock, tenderness reveals itself amidst challenging terrain, balancing between softness and strength, delicacy, and endurance.

The orchid, with its captivating origins and exquisite beauty, serves as a focal point for this exploration. Legend tells of Orchis, a fiery youth transformed into the delicate flower we know today as punishment for his transgressions. Symbolizing both beauty and tragedy, the orchid's name hints at a complex narrative of power dynamics and the interplay of beauty and ugliness.

My project takes shape as an installation featuring an orchid accompanied by a carefully crafted sound composition. The slightly disharmonious melody mirrors the ambiguity of the word and the orchid's origins.

Through this project, I invite viewers to contemplate the intricate interplay of language, symbolism, and human interaction, pondering the elusive nature of tenderness and the delicate balance required for its expression.

- 2020

- multimedia installation