- installation

-audio, room with walls painted blue, blue mattresses

              " In art it is hard to say anything as good as: saying nothing” — Ludwig Wittgenstein

"Crisis" comes from the ancient Greek Krisis, which means "choice" or "judgement", which in its turn derives from "krino", which means "I judge". Notwithstanding this fact, today the term “Crisis” has assumed a negative meaning - in its origins it referred to the act of meditation and decision-making, a positive moment as it led to a state of awareness and a willingness to accept the reality of the situation as it happened.

The failure of the creative process and the artistic crisis caused by a design emptiness resulting from a conceived but never finished work; it is challenged through an evaluation of many possibilities. In this way, crisis becomes opportunity and change, the chaos that precede the clarity. Furthermore, the state of crisis implies an incapacity to challenge a possible transition, and leaves the artist suspended in a state of creative paralysis. To resolve such ineptitude, the artist elaborates a mantra which foresees the repetition of these statements:

Meditation for overcoming creative block

Meditation for overcoming curatorial block

Meditation for overcoming perceptual block

The meditation, whose aim is the evaluation of possible choices, is not faced separately but instead involves the users of the installation and, therefore, the main actors of the art system. The visitor and the curator are made sharers of this moment of artistic incapacity, and are asked and exhorted to take their own positions and reactions on the matter. The sound polyptych requires an opinion and a silent answer with a self-critical and self-mocking attitude.

"It is hard in art to say anything" is a reflection on the relationship between us and our psyche, the critical situation we find ourselves in, failure and opportunity, the relationship between artists, curators and the audience as a prolonged self-reflection on the nature and condition of our inner and outer selves.

The work, in cooperation with Shivum Sharma (music, voice), Anna Szczykutowicz (voice), and Chris Aiken (voice), consists of a sequence of three sounding installations inside a blue room.