The Helenina project is born out of an intense fascination with Helenina Anderseni, a captivating nano-organism inhabiting the depths of the Venetian Lagoon and beyond. With its graceful form and evocative name, echoing themes of identity and connection, Helenina Anderseni becomes both subject and muse in a journey that spans oceans, cultures, and disciplines.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, I embark on a quest to unravel the myriad layers of significance hidden within this tiny creature. Each discovery leads me down new paths of interest, each subject with its own compelling story. In these intertwining narratives, I recognize echoes of my own autistic tendencies—a relentless pursuit of knowledge and understanding amidst a sea of data and detail.

Through my artistic exploration, I aim to celebrate the beauty and complexity of Helenina Anderseni and the interconnected web of life it represents. By inviting viewers to delve into the mindmap of this journey, I hope to ignite a dialogue about the nature of obsession, the allure of greed, and the profound connections that bind us together.

- 2017 /2024

- installation