- 2020

- work in progress

Helenina Anderseni is a nano-organism, a foraminiferal living in the Venetian Lagoon, as well as in other deep waters, including the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. A marine species with a fascinating shape and name originating from the scientist Helen Saunders, which, alongside "Helena Andersen", is a common name in the West, including the UK and Scandinavia. 

The Lagoon of Venice, with the famous city located at its center, is strongly affected by ecological and environmental problems strictly connected to manmade activities, domestic, agricultural (fertilizers) or industrial (petrochemical) discharges that reach the lagoon. Human activities are not only causing water pollution, but are consequently causing rapid climate change and severe flooding in Venice.

The present situation is critical.

This project is a collaboration between the artist and three international writers, as they all attempt to find connections between this fascinating organism, its environment, and the name it bears.