“Per un glossario illustrato alla poesia di Etel Adnan”

My illustration for 'Trasparenze,' a monographic issue celebrating the esteemed artist Etel Adnan, pays homage to her profound impact on literature and art. Adnan's multifaceted identity as a Lebanese-American lesbian artist deeply resonates with me, inspiring a work that explores a deep engagement with the world. Known for her fluid movement between writing and art, Adnan's work traverses cultures and disciplines, drawing inspiration from her nomadic existence and powerful feminist stance.

At the heart of the illustration lies a close-up depiction of two female bodies intertwined in a tender embrace, capturing the raw beauty and intimacy shared between them. Accompanying this portrayal is 'Per un glossario illustrato alla poesia di Etel Adnan,' a glossary offering a visual interpretation of Adnan’s linguistic landscape, inviting viewers into the rich tapestry of emotions and experiences woven throughout her writings.

Inspired by Adnan's ability to blur boundaries between language and image, my illustration aims to honor her legacy and provoke reflection on universal themes of identity and human connection. Through this celebration, I hope to spark meaningful dialogue and contemplation on the enduring impact of Adnan's work.

«Trasparenze»  3/2018, ed. by San Marco dei Giustiniani, Genoa, Italy.

- 2018