- 2020

- audio installation

A tortured artist is in constant torment due to frustrations with art, other people, or the world in general. For many artists, it's the pain within that helps them create powerful art.  

Sometimes, when artists hit a rough patch of inspiration and creativity, it feels like the well is dry and they'll never make it again. 

This feeling of emptiness has accompanied me over the years. The countless attempts to return to painting, making music and in the end leaving projects halfway through, was my reality. 

In today's world, the continuous creation of content is the primary reason why constant activity on social platforms is causing pressure to make a new post, a new entry, a new story, a new artwork, or any new piece of content.

"Acta est fabula plaudite" refers to a common ending to ancient Roman comedies, also claimed to have been Augustus' last words. "The story is done, applaud", the play has been performed. 

Acta est Fabula: an empty canvas with audio created from various fragments and recordings as a mosaic of places and situations, not fitting together, but forming a whole. The artwork was created, the task completed.